Landman Services

Landman Services

Landmen are professionals who specialize in researching, negotiating, and managing mineral rights for oil, gas, and mineral extraction companies. Mineral rights refer to the legal ownership of the minerals located beneath the surface of the land.

In the United States, mineral rights can be owned separately from surface rights, meaning that a landowner may not have the right to extract the minerals on their own property. Landmen work with landowners, mineral rights owners, and oil and gas companies to negotiate leases and contracts for mineral exploration and extraction.

Landmen conduct research to identify mineral rights ownership and determine the boundaries of mineral rights ownership on a given property. They also negotiate with landowners to lease mineral rights for exploration and extraction. Once a lease is in place, landmen are responsible for ensuring that the terms of the lease are being followed, and for managing the legal and financial aspects of the lease.

The work of landmen is essential to the oil and gas industry, as it allows companies to legally and efficiently extract natural resources from the land while protecting the rights of landowners and mineral rights owners. Landmen must have a strong understanding of property law, contract negotiation, and the technical aspects of mineral exploration and extraction.

Oil and Gas data analysis, PDF State Legal Documentation to MS Excel Data Transformation, Data mining and Data entry of mineral rights of land Records, Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Proof of Authority, Personal Representative Deed, Contract for Deed, Life Estate Termination Statement in United States of America.

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A Landman runsheet is a document used in the oil and gas industry to track and manage the ownership and leasing of mineral rights and interests. It is typically used by landmen, who are professionals responsible for researching and managing these rights and interests.

The runsheet contains information about the owners and leases of the mineral rights, as well as any encumbrances or liens on the property. It may also include information about the location of the property, the type of minerals being extracted, and other relevant data.

The Landman runsheet is an important tool for managing the legal and financial aspects of mineral rights and interests, as it provides a detailed and up-to-date record of ownership and leasing activity. It helps ensure compliance with regulations and facilitates the negotiation and execution of leases and other agreements related to the extraction of minerals.


States with the Most Oil Production

Surprisingly, Five states accounted for 71% of the nation's total oil production. A further 14.6% originated in the federally governed Gulf of Mexico.

The top five states for crude oil production are listed below:

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